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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Missing (Part 23)

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The driver parked the car, and looked at his passenger through the rear view mirror. He seemed like someone who had lost something valuable. The driver turned to face Fanus, “Airport Sir”, he said cheerfully. Fanus smiled back and paid the fare, and gingerly stepped out of the vehicle. He stood rooted there for a moment, hoping to hear someone call his name, or to see that familiar face.  He bit his lower lip, in an attempt to calm himself, and exhaled loudly. It was definitely over.

He bought his ticket back home, but had to wait for 3 long hours to board the plane. With all that had happened, he was hoping those 3 hours don’t take a toll on him. He didn’t want to break down in front of strangers, and especially in the city that took all he had.  

He collected his boarding pass, and completed the security check. He walked in to the waiting lounge to a cacophony.  How he longed for stillness, and for silence. Loud noises did not help his mood. He spotted his den and walked past all the noise to the corner and slouched comfortably in the solace of the music that was playing at CafĂ© Coffee Day. It housed very few people and for Fanus , it was simply heaven.

He reminisced their times together at CCD. A tiny curve softened his features as he thought about the endless conversations he and Cyrus had at these outlets, back in Delhi. It used to be one of their favorite haunts.

“Black Coffee” , he smiled at the waiter, thinking how much Cyrus loved Coffee, especially the one Boman made.

He knew he had to do just one more thing. He took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Hi Boman, we found Cyrus” he said without any trace of emotion.

“That’s such great news, where is he, can I talk to him?”.

Fanus scoffed “ Cyrus is not coming back with me”.

“Why!” , Boman’s voice echoed pain “Fanus, you have to tell him that we are okay, with him being… being how he is.. being different “,  It was still difficult for Boman to say that his son was gay.  “Please Fanus, please tell him to come back , we really miss him”.

“Fanus, dikhra” , Sherry cried “I want to see my Cyrus, please I’m begging you, please get him back”, she sobbed uncontrollably.

“Fanus” , Boman said , “ We love Cyrus, we are alright with him being Gay, we just want our boy back”.

“Uncle, it's Cyrus’ decision to stay back in Bombay. Moreover, don’t you think it's too late now?”.

“How did it get so late so soon” Boman stuttered.

“We just need him to know we love him, no matter what”, he pleaded.

Fanus knew that Boman and Sherry really missed Cyrus, but there was nothing he could do “Uncle, he chose to stay back here.“ Fanus sad, “and he is happy. Give him some time, I’m sure he will call you I have to go, just wanted to inform you that Cyrus is safe, Bye” . 

Fanus disconnected the phone, and stared away lost in thoughts, as his coffee went cold.


Sneha kept tucking away at her kurta, and dabbing imaginary sweat from her upper lips. Her heart pounded loudly, as the doors opened to the 9th Floor. She stepped outside the elevator and walked towards the apartment. Relax, she told herself. She let out a couple of deep breaths “Damn, calm down”, she mouthed. She plastered an artificial smile on her face and pressed the door bell.

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