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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Missing (Part 11)

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"Raped!!” She echoed in disbelief.  “What do you mean by rape?” she said raising the pitch. The vein on her temple became increasingly prominent with her accelerated breathing.

“How can our son be raped Boman?” She clawed into her husband’s arms for support. She tried to steady herself, but her emotions defied her grace and raced to her jaws.

Fanus looked up at her, and thought of the what to say, that might pacify her.However the day, that unfateful day, rolled in front of his eyes like a motion picture. He felt so helpless when he heard the perpetrators recall the incident with jest. It induced bile in his throat. He had nightmares of the conversation. He felt so helpless, so pathetic, that he wasn’t there to protect his friend, to protect the one person who meant the world to him.

Two days ago

Studying Law wasn’t something Cyrus wanted to do. He did it just to appease his parents. What he really wanted was to make movies. He wanted to create that magic on screen. Everything about Films, right from scripting, pre production, casting, shooting, post production, made him happy. Just the very thought, that people can breathe life to words on paper gave him a high. It was an intoxication that made him yearn to be the captain of the movie making ship. He wanted to be a Film Director, and not just any film director He wanted to be a director of a film, which had the legend Amitabh Bachchan in it.

He came closer to his dream everyday by capturing people and their emotions, then consolidating it over the weekend. He was always good at editing and linking the parts together, making it seem like they all belonged together.

His seniors always ganged up on him, and teased him whenever they saw him recording. However, it wasn’t just teasing for two of them in the group. Cyrus realized it later, and by then it was too late.

Cyrus always loved empty spaces. He always felt it added to an element in his story. Whenever he had to convey emotions, that were absent in his shoots, he used apt background music, and vacant spaces. The deep meaning it conveyed fascinated him, especially how everyone interpreted it differently.    

Cyrus’ college had the reputation of being one of the best colleges in India, not only because of the educational system, and all the inter-collegiate wins, but also because of its campus.

St. Xavier’s was definitely one of the best places to study law. The college had space for everyone, irrespective of their religion, social status, views and so on. The college was famous for churning out the best students, both academically and personally. Though a Law College, they did not just restrict themselves to moot courts and debates. They had everything an individual wanted to stir his creative soul. There were clubs, societies, groups , you name it,it had it. From athletics to fashion, from debates to social work, students at St. Xavier’s strived to go that extra mile not just with academics , but also extracurricular activities.

The college canteen or foyer, as it was known buzzed with activity from morning to afternoon. Conversations ranged from politics to love. The foyer had the energy of young minds eager to absorb knowledge and a desire to change the world.

The Foyer was sandwiched between the woods and a basketball court. Woods didn’t refer to “woods”, it was basically a lingo that only Xavierites would understand. A cozy space with loads of shade provided by trees was the perfect spot for romance, and quiet getaways.

If you had to ask any student about their favorite place in college, it would either be the foyer or the woods. But Cyrus chose to differ. He was always intrigued by the architectural grandiose that the college offered. Most of the pillars supported beautiful arches that had intricate and delicate designs. For Cyrus , those patterns held a story, a story when captured in silence would speak for itself.

As always, he stayed back after college, to film some more of his favorite place. He loved the stillness that the college offered after classes. It was ironic, how this very silence was filled with laughter and noise before.

Cyrus was busy filming the beautiful arch, with intricate designs. He felt a shiver around his nape, but dismissed it. No sooner had he done that than he felt a strong palm around his mouth. Cyrus’s eyes bulged in horror. The grip of the person was really strong. Cyrus felt the angry tug, as his arms were pulled back and tied roughly at his wrists. He was turned to face two of his seniors. He tried retaliating and pushing against the force of his captor,but to no avail. One of the seniors shushed him, by running his finger over his face. That touch scared Cyrus. He didn’t know why. He realized he was being forced upstairs. Many thoughts flashed in his head. ’ Are they going to throw me from the building?’, ‘Or is it some silly thing they have planned’, ‘Are they gonna leave me stark naked, and embarrass me’ ‘Oh Fanny, I wish you were here’.

Cyrus really wasn’t prepared to what they had in mind. He couldn’t have guessed even in his wildest dreams, of what was in store for him. They pushed him to the terrace, and circled him like vultures ready for their prey. “What do you want from me” he whimpered. “What have I done to you?”.

“Shush”, it’s not what you have done; it’s what you will do, and what you will get in return for it. His senior sneered with a gaze that screamed of hunger, one that was about to be satisfied.
His soul was ripped away along with his clothes. The vultures preyed on him ravenously, ignoring his painful cries. He begged them to stop. But they went on and on. Touching him everywhere, making him cringe. Cyrus would never be able to erase that day from his mind.

The lights around him faded, and slowly so did the noises. Cyrus Daruwala had been preyed upon by human predators.


Fanus snapped out of his stupor with Boman’s outrageous sentiments.

“He is such an embarrassment to our family, I’m disowning him ",his voice boomed.

“I don’t want to search for a gay boy. My son is dead he screamed. Cyrus is dead, you understand”, he shook a weeping Sherry by the arms.

“I’m going to call the police, and withdraw the manhunt “, he said shaking his head in frustration.

Fanus got up, went over to Sherry, “I have to go, I have to find him” .

He walked out and heard Boman talking to the cops. He walked faster and faster and Boman’s voice faded away.

He had to find Cyrus. His Cyrus. He knew he would find him and when he did he would hold him and tell him that everything is going to be just fine.


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