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Saturday, September 06, 2014

TAG for Change

Challenges are doing the rounds everywhere , from ICE to RICE. Everyone is so excited about doing them!! Good!, but why exactly are YOU doing them. Is it really to help the needy? or just for another picture on your Social media, or a branding for your Product/organization?, or a very pathetic attempt to "Tag" your friends and see them enjoy as well?

Yes, I do agree, that the "Ice Bucket Challenge" has generated knowledge with regard to ALS, which like many, debate is only because of the Ice bucket challenge. Im sorry  - Doesn't that sound Lame to you. The reason you claim that people are aware of an Illness is because of a challenge!. What is the world coming to ? Seriously!!.

People now need to be "Tagged/challenged" to be "Inspired" . How pathetic have we become??.

And now move over, we have another challenge, the Rice bucket. Initially I was all Happy about it. But again, there is a Tag/pictures. Why do we need to tell the world of what we are doing? especially helping someone in need. Would you like to be clicked in a similar manner?. They are doing it because they have have no option .They  "pose" to get that supply, What the FUCk are YOU doing it for??For people commenting and saying Bravo??

For people who need to be tagged to be inspired, let me tell you, it lasts only till the picture is clicked. What after that? Do you bother about that Family?? Do you help them avail of more supplies, or do you just sit back in front of your Laptop and forget about it??.

You know there are millions of people who help the needy without being Tagged , or without posing fro pictures with them. Its not that they don't want to "inspire" people with their pictures, Its just that they know that it's not needed.For them its more of genuine help.

Today we are so bound by Social media and the image that we project that we forget to realise that we are Human too. We are able to do something for the less fortunate , because we have been blessed with a little more than them.

All those who get inspiration with senseless Tags, and those who are using it well to promote your organization and etc, YOU really need a Rain check with yourself.

Yes , this is an angry Post, However  its more of a wake up call.

All of our Holy scriptures have beautifully mentioned, that when we help the needy - do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. For the world obsessed with Social media " Do not let the Social media know what you have done" .

So let me end up with another Challenge for you all. When you do some good, just TAG two people , YOU and the person receiving it,and if possible TAG them with a Smile , TAG them in their Hearts


  1. yeahh this a fact! now a days it seems like people are living in the social media... doing each and everything from the breakfast they had to the things they did for society or whatever it is is clicked and shared... showing off became a natural process in this!!

    This have to be change for sure!! And yes nice angry post! thoughtful one :)

  2. True each and every word of that!
    I second your thought , do it like you mean it , not just 'coz you need a click/video to go viral.
    Very nice thought Mena! ;)


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