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Sunday, August 21, 2011


She was dressed and ready to walk down the aisle, in a stunning white gown, which trailed of the ends to lace trimmings. Her slender feminine figure was flattered in the bridal outfit. Her high cheekbones were washed with bridal bliss and exuberance; there was a twinkle in her eyes... She was happy 


“Simi, Simi, get up … what are you doing here?”
“Vishaka!!!! … How did I end up out here??? “
“Simi, I don’t know, I called you several times, you never answered your phone, I was worried, I checked with everyone about you, Harish had seen you walking towards this lane………..of all the places Simi, this is where you choose to come?, I know you and Nitin are having troubles, but … calm down Simi, don’t cry”
“Vishaka, I can barely recollect anything, I…I …I don’t how I can’t remember anything... help me… I just can’t seem to…how did I end up here... Nitin is angry….”
“Simi!!! …ssshhhhhh...its ok sweets, i’m here, don’t you worry, we will sort out everything, let me take you home”

“Simi… he proposed!!.... Am so happy Simi… I’m getting married. I want you to be my bridesmaid… remember how we used to play ‘getting married’ , I want everything in a similar manner Simi… I’m happy..”
“Vish!! Congratssssss …. Am so happy for you love… hahhah..Oh yes the games… lol.. You are going to be the best bride ever darling “

A man in his mid 30’s was stabbed in the back, by an unidentified person, when he was on his way home. The dark alleys have always been a crime infested zone. Police are of the opinion……

“Saw the news Simi???, same place that you end up going!!!, see how unsafe it is, Men are being stabbed.. Auraton ki  toh phir lag jayenge na?? tumse kitni baar kaha hai, akele mat ghooma karo, its dangerous, lekin tum to tum ho, meri baat kyun manoge, right??... Simi!! Gosh, Simi, are you even listening??... kaha kho jaati ho yaar?”

Simi looked up startled , Vishaka had interrupted her thoughts, and she tried to recollect what they were but just couldn’t…

“Hey Vishaka, where is Simi??”
“No idea ya, she just disappears!! Hmmm.. I tried calling her, her number is switched off… she is not at her place, the watchman hasn’t seen her for the past 2 days either, I’m worried Rishabh,  should we inform the police?”
“Let’s wait till today, if she isn’t around then we will go to the station first thing in the morning , alright, don’t you worry”.

“Vishaka….. I … I don’t know where I was… I can’t remember anything… am I … going mad?? I’m worried, I…I… don’t know…. “
Simi started pulling at her hair…and howling in pain…
“Simi, kuch nahin !!... don’t worry alright, everything is going to be fine… i’m here na??”

Simran Mehta has been arrested for the murder of a senior Citizen. She works in a reputed Bpo as a Manager, it’s difficult to identify the reasons that prompted her to this crime. All she keeps saying Is that she has no recollections whatsoever…However the evidences found point towards her, her finger prints have been found on the Scythe, which was used for the murder.

“simran ne aisa kiya…can’t believe it ya…”
“arey who to hai hi chudail, bitch like her”
“who cares about her, thank God she never tried killing any of us”

And so with the news went on the speculations and comments of her fellow co-workers…
“Vish, I swear I don’t do anything, wasn’t I with you that day???, Please tell them..mujhe yaha ghutan si ho rahi hai Vish, please. Get me out of here….”
“Simi, saare evidence tumhare khilaaf hai, and of late to tumhe koi bhi baat yaad nahi rehti hai..i don’t know Simi”
“Vish, you think I can be this Brutal??? will I kill someone?? Do I look like  a murderer to you?? Tell me Vish”

Her pretty face was stained with tears, her hair was uncombed, and her jail uniform made her look unlike the “simran” that everyone adored..
“Simi, that’s Nitin, isn’t he good looking???”
“ehem, someone has a crush on him , awww Vish you like him don’t you.. look at you blushing away.. chal.. lets go and talk to him”
“Hey Nitin, am Simran and this is Vishaka”

That was the start of a beautiful relation between the three of them.They were inseperable. Nitin had a soft spot for Simran, and he kept it under wraps, He knew the only person who he could confide in was Vish. He had to let someone know of his feelings.

5 years back

St.Xavier's college –FRESHERS WELCOME

Simran and Vishaka walked in to the college, Vishaka trailed behind simran as always , it used to be the same in school, at their colony and now in college.
John Fernandez was their senior, Vishaka had a secret liking towards him, and however like everyone else, He liked Simran

The story was same everywhere – at school, at tuition, at their colony, college, work…

Everyone liked SIMRAN!!!.....

Nitin was Heart broken when Simran refused to be with him… Vishaka offered him the solace he needed, and they started dating each other … his feelings for Simran were still the same.

“Your daughter suffers from Split personality disorder, Menon sir, change of place should be good for her, and continue her dosage of  medicines as well, the rage she exhibits and her docile character are al signs of the same, however since she is  8 years old, chances of suppressing them are higher.”

“Vishaka Menon” – “Present mam” – said a  Gawky looking girl… She was seated next to Simran who had later on become her good friend, then Best friend

The bride was walking down the Aisle… She was stepping an inch closer to the “love of her life” .. He smiled at her, she blushed and looked away…and they were united in Holy Matrimony

“Simi Simi Simi …tch tch tch … poor Simi, oh Simi is so beautiful.. look at her skin…hahah…LOOK AT HER SKIN NOW.. HER EYES, HER LIPS, HER SILKY HAIR….hahahahaha…”.
“Vish!!! What’s wrong with you… Help me out of here, and why are you saying all of that.”
“Simi… I hated you the moment I set my eyes on you, I was the ugly duckling only because of you, I paid for the humiliation you caused me for 16 YEARS…you know how long that is….DO YOU???? .. and here you are pretty Simi…hhhahah “.
“Vish, what did I do to you??.”

“Your crocodile tears are not going to melt my heart, like they did for all those guys.. the GUYS I LOVED more than you… EVEN NITIN!!!!!! …and you are asking me what I did… you BITCH, this is what you deserve, and you are going to be addressed as a mental person..hehehhehe …. Hmmm …. Have you heard of barbiturates….Simi ??? … hahahahhaha.i have.. and that’s why you had those memory issues…. Hahaha… you will be not see the outside world, aww they would be deprived of Miss beautiful, wont they…Nitin will suffer as well ….”

“Vish no no… vishh don’t walk away…VISHHHHH


“Nitin I have made your drink –  your favorite – Whiskey on the rocks”
“you know Vish, I still can’t believe Simi would do something gruesome…what do you think”
“Nitin I have known her for over 16 years now, I know she wouldn’t even hurt a fly, however her behavior off late has been very suspicious…Nitin can we talk about something else please”
“I’m sorry baby, I know it must be difficult for you”
He chugged the whisky in one go, and drank 3 more pegs, and went off to sleep, this time never to wake up again….His wife had mixed generous doses of Arsenic in his drinks.

His Death was cited as Heart attack… Vishaka was shattered and relocated to another city altogether..



  1. Reminds me of a book. ''Tell me your dreams'' by Sidney Sheldon.
    Nice clicks to go with the whole story.

  2. @ Red handed : is that with regard to the split personality dimension mentioned?? well in "tell me your dreams", as far as i remember there are 3 personalities in one woman right? But anyways i love the semblance ;). Thankyou for the read and the comments, am glad you liked the pictures :)

  3. oh my god!! what a crazy woman!!! vish!
    i had trouble keeping up with all d names but, tinuchee-- WOW!!! wer do u get time to write like this.. ???
    n my fav part was wen u put ur nautanki pics together..ROFL!!!!
    good work love!

  4. @srmu : i took your advice on posting up my pics... guess it worked :D .. and thankyou SRMU ...

  5. Gosh, whatta story? :D

    Beautifully weaved. Though I am not sure if each episode was in order, it felt more jumbled to me when I tried to piece it all together. An interesting narrative, was hooked until the end.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. @ Blasphemous Aesthete : Thankyou, im glad you read till the end :).. and the narrative was in a jumbled format so as to keep it "short" :P

  7. kabhi happy ending hoga..aapki kahaniyon mein?? :)

  8. @ Kunnu : lol.. koshish zaroor karoongi :P ...

  9. The narrative was kind of confusing.
    But, when i gave it a second read, I understood it. :)
    Very nice plot and written in a very versatile manner. Promoted. :)

    Please read & promote my post on IndiVine-

    The Tablet Revolutionary

  10. @Yash : thank you for the read and feedback ... and I'll def read your post as well :)

  11. Honestly I was sort of confused.. but now after the 3rd attempt, m sorted! Heheh this was nice..

    P.S. good post..and your stories are amazing..:)

  12. @ Confused Soul : 3rd attempt .. pretty good i must say , my friends havnt still figured it out :P ..
    thankyou :)


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