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Friday, August 19, 2011

My Hero.....

As I looked back at the window, being drenched with the rain drops...
I could feel my cheeks becoming wet with your thoughts...
I could see my life fly by me like a movie...
With you playing the main lead,
You always did in my life.
My only hero!!!
I was 3, when you first held me in your arms.
Your prolonged absence was something we were used to…
You slipped in and out of our lives...
As easily as the sun rose and set.
You never forgot our birthdays,
Or important events in our lives.
You kept yourself well versed with “us”.
You loved us inspite of the distance,
Inspite of the dangers you faced.
Your love was unconditional.
I still remember seeing you when I was 5,
You walked in, in your uniform
The aura you set across was overwhelming;
I was choking in your warm embrace.
I am proud of you Dad...
It’s because of you, and many other fathers’ like you...
That we walk Free.
It’s your sacrifice that makes us pursue our lives, our ambitions.
You knew it was a battle....
We were not strong to let you go.
But still you left us...
To guard the many lives that depended on you..
I lost you, my father, my eternal Hero..
But because of you, we live peacefully, in your memories..
I salute your bravery, DAD!!!!!

Jai Jawaan

                                     *This post is a work of Fiction*                             


  1. Beautiful, a wonderful tribute to your father and his service for his Mother.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. @Blasphemous Aesthete : My dad was in the navy, and its purely a work of fiction, however, thank you for the read and comment.

  3. That was just splendid. The way u captured the emotions frm the different phases of life. Lovely!

  4. i loved it!! reminds me of a little bit of "mr. potters penguins" :)

  5. @red handed : thankyou for the read and feedback as well :)
    @ srmu : thankyou...poppers penguin...the jim carrey flick??? mmmmm blink blink.. confused!! :( .....

  6. @ Saru Singhal : Thankyou so much, coming from someone like you... makes my day :)


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