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Friday, December 28, 2012

Pink or Black - HIgh Drama at HIgh school

Pink or Black 2 

So Pink or Black 2 is about a lot of kids in the 11th grade, to whom clearly emotions and relationships are of no particular importance. Our protagonist Tianna, just starts off with  a new year at school, and is bought face to face with incidents in her past.

She reveals her secret to her friends who don’t believe in keeping secrets and spill the beans, about her past in front of the whole school. (some friends eh?). She has surprises in form of her cousin Tea, who lands up in her school as the “hot new thing”, and slowly sizzles away. She plays her part, rather takes revenge in a very dramatic rather stupid manner.

Tianna’s friends are no longer her friends and start bitching about her the minute she is out of ear  - shot. Every “hot” or “good looking” guy is in “love” or has “feelings” for her. Her ex-boyfriend, breaks up with her, and can’t take the fact that she took the break-up so coolly!. I’m sorry, is the author really delusional?? .

To add more to the story, there is this set of “rival” gang with whom she is forced to eat lunch with and they become her “friends”, with whom she confides everything!!there is this on and off friendship that she shares with Leila. I’m seriously starting to think that this chick is demented or rather needs help.

Anyways so everything gets sorted out in la-la land. Realization dawns on tianna with regard to friendship and love. Sigh!!!

You know what , one word which describes this book : AVOID.

I mean where do teenagers behave this way?? Do you treat your friends indifferently just because the new “hot” guy knows your friend?? Do you treat her like crap because she has her own POV??? Well if you do , then this book is for you.

My ratings : 2/10

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  1. That's an honest review, which is a rare thing to find. Personally speaking it sounds like a book adopted from teenage hollywood flops.

    I admire your courage for being honest, I am like you, I mean I will call a dud a dud and hence I don't do reviews.

    Have a rocking New Year :)

  2. I searched, she came to NYC when she was a teen, No wonder about this book.

  3. @ Saru : oh yea, absolutely, it seems just out of one of those teen flicks you mentioned. Oh you could definitely call a dud a dud. i have been doing "honest" or rather reviews based on my personal taste. The author tishaa, like you found out did her course in direction from nyc and is working as ab AD :)

    Happpy new year to you too :)


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