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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Letters to the unknown

Dear Unknown,

It has been around 2 years, and I have failed miserably in finding out your name, or anything more about you. Whenever I tried, I was met with many obstacles. I don’t know if all of them were intentional or just mere coincidence. I’d not stick for either, because you have been way too lucky and inspiring for me.

From the first time we bumped into each other to the very second I sat down to write this, your image hasn’t changed one bit. I can vividly recall, every single detail of the first time we met. Now that I would say was “meant to happen”. How else could you explain all of that last minute changes from my end, am not sure about yours.

I was running towards my department, and the usual route was filled with new students , so I took a detour, via the chemistry department and you happened. All I remember was tripping those three stairs, and holding your hand for support, taking you along , and falling on the hard concrete. But I did not register anything during the fall, except the fear in your eyes, and the slight tremble of your lips. The way a few strands of fruit smelling hair escaped your abaya. You tried hard to let go but we were entangled in a mess. I saw a silent tear threatening to jump from those eyes. That got me back, and I helped you , rather us, stand up. I was about to apologise when you ran away. I couldn’t fathom why, maybe you were embarrassed, but I saw a lot more of fear than embarrassment, or maybe I was just over reacting.

The Chemistry department became my usual haunt, but it was two weeks and I still did not see you. I did ask around, but no one knew much. I also bumped into this guy, who threatened me with dire consequences if I came back for you. I burst into fits of laughter. Was he serious?? He seemed like one of those villains with cheesy dialogues. But his Cold look was enough for my brain, which told me it was better to keep quiet. I walked away, hoping to sight you somewhere, anywhere.

I guess it was my mind that was playing tricks, but I felt I saw you in the market street. It was two months since the episode in college. You were always on the back of my mind, maybe , my mind was in a “lets fool” him mood. But I was sure it was you , I saw you getting inside an auto. I saw the look in your eyes, when the bag bearing grocery tore open, before you entered the auto. You gingerly bent down and picked most of it, when, that lady with you, must have been your mom, shouted at you, to get inside.

The heavens aided my imagination, when you stooped down to pick the supplies. It was as though, the world or rather time came to a standstill. Everyone became a blur of moving objects. God switched on a mute button to my surroundings. It was so quiet that I could hear the rustle of your burka as you sat down to pick up the things, I could hear your every breath, slow and calm. The clanking of your bangles, and a slight fluttering of your hair. Those eyes though without a generous dose of kohl, still looked beautiful. However they seemed to hold a secret.

A ear-splitting honk bought me back to reality, and you were gone . I don’t know whether I’ll get to see you again. But you are so deeply etched in my mind that only death can erase your image.

The news flashed every hour showing blood and gore everywhere. An explosion took place at the railway station this morning. I was supposed to travel at the same time. however, the ever punctual me, woke up late, missed my bus,and missed being roasted alive. I'm sure someone up there must have prayed for me, or maybe we are destined to meet. i pray and am eagerly waiting for the day i get to bump into you again.



  1. i was wondering what this was all about, but once i read both the posts, i must say this is a pure masterpiece. Emotions, loss, fear have been beautifully placed. Im new to this blogging space and i accidentally bumped into your blog, i must add, this was a "lovely accident".


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