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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Raksha bandhan.

Happy Raksha bandhan.

My brother gave me the best Rakhi gift ever

“Gianna, gianna!!, Finish your Breakfast and go”
“Mum , i'm late for college, i'l grab something on my way… Jeff!!.. mwaahhhh be nice, and all the best my baby, do well , bye Mom”
“Did your sister go jeff??, gosh this girl , Go and study baby, you have your tests right?”
“Yes, mom, don't disturb me alright”
“Yes, I wont, go study”
 Smoothlover : you want to make money, dnt you???
 Jboy : Yes, tell me how, I want to help my folks..
 Smoothlover: all you need are some pictures, il send some s ample across, check em , alrite, and we’d be minting money dude…
 Jboy : where do I get such pics from!!... I wouldn't get such pics..leave it..i g2g..bye..

Smoothlover : oh you fucking looser, where on earth did you manage those pics, fuck she is hot!!.... get more dude, you are killing it.. ohhh God, she is worth the money …
Jboy : i know, I'll get more soon.


“Gia, I gotta talk to you, come over asap”
“sure becks, I'll be there”

“mom, I dnt know, I really dnt know”
“Gia, baby, its alright, i'm here , right here  don't worry, its ok.. stop crying darling”

  “Please have  a seat Mrs. D ‘Souza”
    “Officer, my daughter!!!!.. please help us”
    “Mrs. D’ Souza, I have seen the clips, and the place seems vaguely like your daughters room, could we check your house”

“Gia, there are some pictures of yours on the internet, I saw em as george was going through them, you are changing and all and in some places ..mmmm … without clothes, and that’s the reason why everyone is taunting at you back at college…”
“But becky, why would I even????… that looks like my room???.. why would I put up such pictures…???”
“Gia, tell your mom, my cousin is with the cyber cell, he will help as well”
A web cam was found oddly placed near the ventilator on the wall, which was connected to the opposite room, which was used by Gia’s brother, Jeffrey D’ Souza.

My brother gave me the best gift ever, saying that she threw herself off the chair with a cloth holding her back to the ceiling…

Happy Raksha Bandhan


  1. Aww...what a story to post for Rakhsa bandhan :)

  2. @ kunal : lol, i guess i have taken a liking towards the not so happy endings :P .. but thankyou, for goig through it :)

  3. I guess the occasion and the post don't go together.
    At any other point of time, it would have been a very interesting post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. @ Blasphemous Aesthete : yes i do agree , with the fact that Raksha bandhan is so opposed to what i have written... i really need to get over the not so happy ending bug that has caught me :P but thankyou for going through it :)


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