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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dead Lust

Their bodies were entwined in rhythms of passion;
They did not hear her muffled scream, or her approaching steps…
She waited for them to stop,
For him to look up and see her,
Standing, with pain written across her face…
He failed to notice the cold that was spreading over, as the warmth was all he felt…
She couldn’t touch him or tear him away from her.
She stood there demented.
She wanted him all for herself...
She couldn’t bear the sight of him touching someone else...
She slid past him, and breathed the cold air onto his lover…
His lover felt it more than he did, and excused herself, to go to the washroom,
Only to realize that she did not possess her body anymore.
She was thrilled to have taken his lover’s body
She felt rage and passion, one which she never felt before,
And threw herself in his arms,
Her passion aroused his feelings,
But scared him as well.
She did not seem satisfied; she wanted more of him,
She craved for his body, and suddenly her voice gave her away...
She laughed and crooned with his body, moving in rhythm against her,
He was frozen with shock…
He saw her face emerge from that of his lover...
His life froze before his eyes...


  1. this ones crazy! everyone prone to "cheating" should read this.. n realise, this could happen to you!

    btw, molu, a slight correction.. its "their" not "there" the very first word.. hehe..

  2. @ srmu : cant call u mr.jovita for nutters :P ..lol ... being corrected right away :) ...welcome to blogging :)

  3. wat's that!!... though a good one :)

  4. @ Himanshu: good one, without being understood !!! now thats something :P


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