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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Live "life" your way.....

 "Oh my God !! really, have you gone mad or what?? you serious , you considering that as a profession?? I mean what security do you have with it, you need to feed your family, how will you survive"  - I Believe many of us must have heard this, especially those who have strayed away from the  "typical professions" that can get us the "lifestyle" and the capacity to take care of our family!

it’s a very common thought that runs in the minds of every parent if their child had to come up to them and had to say .dad I want to be a dancer, or I want to be a model, pr a scuba diving instructor, a painter, a music producer or whatever that sets you aside from the normal clich├ęd(boring) jobs that gets you "respect" and "money".

I would not blame parents for that thought. if I had my child coming to me and telling me that he wants to be a gigolo...phew I would faint.. we would call that generation gap or whatever... but I feel mainly it’s the anxiety that the parents have towards the child future.
however, why not take the path less travelled, why not take  a risk, why not let life unfolds the way you would want it to. and not blame everything on destiny or fate or circumstances.

I would love it if my child comes and tells me that he'd want to be  a racer(yeah this one’s better than the earlier one).. isn’t it awesome! yes id be worried about his safety but I guess he would be responsible enough.

 if you have dreams no matter what they are as long as you are alive or feel alive go grab them, cause you live just once I’m not really sure after next birth and all, but this is the time to make a change, live your dream and maybe have a smile on your face when you have actually done what you like

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