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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Real fairytale.....

(I know this one is a really LONG post, But for the story i really couldn't cut it short..SORRY..Please read through.)

The moment I turned and saw her, I knew I was in love…..

She was a Goddess, she was flawless... I had met many women; however, no one took my breath away as much as she did. I saw her gliding away and talking to everyone around. My eyes never left her. I traced her from head to toe, and wondered, as to how someone could be so beautiful. 

God definitely was biased towards her. She had perfect lustrous mane, which reached her waist, it was left loose, and with every stride she took, her hair bounced, the curls were so perfect. Her well manicured hands with red painted nails, touched her hair, and held them in place. Her skin looked creamy and perfect. My eyes traced her hand as they took a glass towards those perfect lips, her eyes were breathtakingly beautiful, and they could literally kill someone with a mere glance. Her pixie nose, just added to her beauty, a perfect round face, with dimples that made their way with her occasional smile.

Her laughter and smile were genuine, unlike others in the room; there was certain warmth about her, which just made me feel comfortable. Her dress enveloped her body like second skin; she had the perfect body, shaped legs, which fit well in high heeled stilettos… I was so mesmerized by her presence that I absolutely couldn’t hear Aditi talking away.

Her pinch got me back into reality.....

'Jaden!!!!!!! What the fuck… you seem demented!'

I was upset at having my “moment” being disturbed; I glared at Aditi and asked her to shut up so as to resume looking at the enigma

'Ehem Jaden, stop leching at her, it’s becoming a tad too obvious. Wait i'l get you guys introduced'.

I turned to Aditi with a smirk on my face, 'yea right, and she would be so happy to see me!! C’mon Aditi'.

'Jaden could you stop acting like a Prick...'

'I’m sorry Aditi, it’s just that she is way out of my league, she would not spare a second look, and she could just be with anyone out here and…'

'SHUTUP Jaden...'

Saying that she walked away towards the enigma...
I trembled at the sight of Aditi returning with the Enigma in tow, Ms. Enigma had a beautiful smile that lit her entire face and she was walking towards me, and oh my, she was smiling at me... no this can’t be happening, oh shit what is my name, oh my have I lost the gift of speech, what if I faint, what if I say something stupid?? My mind was flooded with such random thoughts, that I was finding it difficult to behave “normal”.

'Hey Jaden,let me introduce you to Ujwala'
'Ujwala meet Jaden'
'Jaden Ujwala…'

'Hey guys i’l catch you in a bit'... saying that Aditi left us by ourselves

So the enigma is called Ujwala... wow... (hahaha Ujaala...oh no shut up Jaden...)
'Umm Hi Ujwala, I’m Jaden,'
'Now that’s something I already know about you all thanks to Aditi...'
'Umm lol, yes of course,'

(Say something good, intelligent, maybe normal, compliment)

'Oh you are looking beautiful.'
'Thank you, so what do you do,'

(Well, apart from staring at you and acting dumb)

'Well I’m an Architect by profession, and writer by passion.'
'Oh wow I loved the writing bit, so what do you write – poems, stories'…
'umm well it’s a complete pot pourri, but yes I’m working on my new book…'

'Hey Ujwala there you are,'
'Hey Sameer how are you,'
'Oh btw Sam meet Jaden, he's an architect and a writer as well…. and Jaden he is Sameer'
'ha!! Writer, what’s happened to your choice ujju…?'
'Hey Sam, u know what…'
'Oh baby come on let’s go...'

'Umm Jaden i’l see you around..' She added with a Smile
Jaden what were you even thinking she is a Model,a girl as beautiful as her, will definitely want a "Sam"...
After a while….
'Hey Jaden I hope you weren’t offended by Sam, he is a pig head...'
(Pig head of course, my heart swelled up at those words) , but all I could say was….'hey that’s ok.'

She filled my heart with her mesmerizing smile once again, and then the conversations started, I was drawn to her with every conversation I had with her. She was very genuine as compared to most of the girls I had met, more grounded, she loved simple things, her giggle left me wanting to hear them more.

It had been 3 months since I knew her, and I knew she was what I wanted to be with. She was perfect. Beneath all the glamour and perfection was a very innocent, ambitious girl. She was homely as well. I wanted to shout out the very second I had seen her, saying that I loved her, but today it wasn’t that image of the Goddess that I had in mind, it was the real Ujwala that I was in love with.!!

But would she say a yes??? would she want to be with someone like me??What if she said “lets be friends” and invited me to winess her marriage with “Sam the Pig Head”.

I was an average looking guy, yes I had my fair share of relations, but this was unlike all of them. This was perfect.Our overnight conversations transpired with me knowing her varied tone’s and knowing exactly what she felt!!

I prepared myself, it was a do or die situation , I had to let her know, I had to be with her, I couldn’t loose her, nor let go of her to any “pighead”…I  dialed her number… this time the same nervousness creeped upon me ,as I had while dialing her num for the 1st time…

'Hey Jaden!!'
'Umm hey Ujwala... umm are you free to meet tomorrow?'
'Yes, but you are sounding a bit weird, is everything ok??'
'Yes yes of course… so let’s meet tommororw? Umm i’l pick u up alright?'
'Ok Jaden…. i’l see you tomorrow, bye'

The next day, I was nervous as hell, I wore my “lucky t-shirt, bought a bunch of white roses,  her favorite, and started driving towards her place. I was nervous, should I give her the flowers?? were they cheesy?? it’s only been 3 months!!!, will she? What if she gets angry and stops talking with me??

My mind was clouded with so many thoughts… I almost missed her, standing outside her house, radiant as ever in a pink dress.

'Jaden, for a moment I thought you were going to leave me,' she said, there was something about the way she looked that I couldn’t comprehend, she smiled, and hugged me. All my nervousness seemed to disappear, she looked in the backseat and saw the flowers, 'I’m guessing those are for me'... she said, and looked at me, oh those eyes… 'umm yes those are for you,' she grabbed them, and placed a peck on my cheeks, I flushed, she sat admiring the flowers with occasional glances towards me, 'so where are we going?'

'Umm surprise… '
We drove in to her favorite restaurant (i booked the entire place).. 'Oh this is weird this place is never empty' she said and walked to her “usual “place. I was so scared, I almost wanted to run away, she glanced in my direction and smiled and I knew I never could run away from her.This was it....


 I walked towards her, and took her hands in mine...
'Ujwala, I know we haven’t known each other that long, and that you definitely will get guys who are much better looking than me... but all I can say is that you just make me complete'..

I looked at her, to be greeted by an ear to ear grin... 'Jaden this took you 3 months!!!'

She hugged me and kissed me, that was the moment I lost myself in her arms

30 years later.... 
Image Courtesy - Yuri Arcurs
She was as beautiful as I had first set eyes on her, There were definite signs of ageing... However she looked angelic. This had been my routine from the day we were  married.  I used to wake up and look at her to ensure it’s not a dream...

She woke up, and smiled having seen me, she put out her hands for an embrace, and I snuggled warmly into her arms...

There’s something Men would never Understand about Women, For me I never understood as to why she Loved me of all the people!!Why did she say a Yes... Women can never be Understood.....

For me.. Im living my Fairytale ... 


  1. First Timer..

    Life sometimes can be fairytale affair :)


  2. Kunal : Yes for some :) ..thankyou for going through the "long" story ..

  3. Fiction seems to be your forte, I hope i can come back again for more. I like the mention of random thoughts going through a guys mins, which is very true

  4. Karan : Im not sure about my forte yet, but yes i enjoy Fiction, Thank you for your comments, im glad you liked the "thought process" part that runs in a guys mind :)

  5. Nice, again through a guys perspective...you are indeed best. I am not into much reading romantic stories, only Nicholas Sparks novels have fascinated me. After reading yours, It reminded me of my favorite book 'The Choice'
    Keep fascinating!

  6. @ Beyond Horizon : Getting that from your end means a lot ... :) thankyou
    nicholas spark.. mmm.. i need to get my hands on that one :)..


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