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Friday, July 29, 2011

Till Death do us apart ....

You could take her away!!!!!!

But not her memory…..
Not her fragrance that lingers in the wind
Not her warmth that brightens my day
Her sweet velvet voice…
Her smile that could light up any dark alley
The soft giggles that were her’s,
The soft touch of her hands
She felt absolutely warm against me
You could only take away her physical entity
Her memories are mine
Just mine!!!!!!
You can’t take them away
Only death will cease to make me not think about her…
That’s why I can’t embrace death
I fear not having to hear your voice again
I fear not having to feel your touch
Something that I told you a million times….
I now hold it within myself
Did you know how much an effect you had on me??
Yes, you did, I remember you looking away
The blush radiant on your cheeks…
I remember everything…
And yet I don’t have you around...
However, your memories make me want to live…

You make my life worthwhile.


  1. That was one great post!
    Truly loved it
    Beautifully crafted lines..simple yet captivating
    Keep writing!

  2. I love it and how beautiful is the thought of shunning death as it will erase her memories. In my next post, there is a similar thought but it focuses on after death period...

  3. @red handed : Thankyou for reading, Im glad you liked it
    @saru :Im definitely catch up on that one for sure:)

  4. Its beautiful...really really beautiful...

  5. @ emtalksalot :Thankyou so much :) ...

  6. I do not why, but the post reminded me of that 'opera scene' from DCH. :)

    Great post, nonetheless!!

  7. @ Kathy S :Thank you

    @ Kunnnu : I wrote this after having watched a tamil film called varanam aayiram, but yes that opera scene in DCH, wow!! im glad you could relate it to something as that

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  9. @I BLOG FOR A CAUSE :wow. that sounds like a great idea..il definitely give it a shot :)


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