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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Distant yet near ....

The very first time we met,
It was instinctive; I knew we would be friends
He was a brooding figure
Lost in deep thoughts
A sense of pain engulfed him
That may have been the reason to connect instantly
His laughter rang in my ears
His conversation were worldly
He seemed to have lost a part of himself
Which were evident in his vacant eyes
A relation was brewing
I was at ease with him
Time just flew by with him around
He drew stars in the vacant wall
And he was candid about it
He easily gained a top spot as my friend
All good things come to an end, don't they?
He had to leave.
I couldn’t find reasons to make him stay
I felt the void creeping up again
Will I be able to have similar conversations again?
I doubted them
New place, new friends, new conversations
The friendship I valued was bound to go
I had seen relations fade
And thought this one will fade as well
Was I surprised when I saw his text?
Yes, is an understatement
The same candid nature, the same friendly stance
His call made my day
Ensured me that I still had him around..
And well you know what,
I miss you…
I miss the long, stupid, bizarre conversations
At the same time,
I’m happy to know that they were just the very beginning
Of an amazing friendship….


  1. Your friend definitely seems to be a very special person.. the poem is lyrical

  2. Karan :Thankyou, and yes, he definitely is ..

  3. Very well written.. I can see it coming straight from the heart...

  4. @ Vikram : Thankyou , and yes this one definitely is str8 from the heart :)


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