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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top Remixer - Manuel De La Mare

Manuel De La Mare seems to have many titles accompanying his introduction -  dj, producer and label owner of 303Lovers and Hotfingers, along with Alex Kenji and Marshall. The labels has now showed themselves as one of the key names in House and Techno Music with a never-ending flow of quality releases which fire the dance floor. 

 Manuel De La Mare is known for his cutting edge, dance floor oriented tracks… They are not only expertly produced but also diverse in style thus bringing across an underlying identifiable sound. This paired alongside his dj sets have placed him at the forefront of emerging underground dance music, a spot which seems likely to be occupied by him for some time to come.
His connection with music starts at a very early age by experimenting with diverse instruments, ten years ago he began working behind the turntables, quickly developing his own unforgettable style which is the result of the lifetime musical influence. 

His eclectic production varies between all possible electronic genres, gaining fame among controversial crowds. He reaches the world’s hottest destinations from Asia to South and North America, Africa and spots all over Europe. He has released music and collaborated with some of the best record labels like Tiger Records, Spinnin, Toolroom, Definitive, Ministry of Sound and many more.

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