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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bumpy and his new perception on Death

I have met many People in my life, so far so good, and i really thought  i was to be the weirdest of the lot, especially since i had the uncanny ability of handing out to my friends really weird names!! However there is one friend of mine who actually tops the list of what certain people may call as “madness”. However I would say , my friend Bumpy definitely has some courage!! Hats off to you.

Well, Bumpy is in the final stages of  what we call leukemia, or in layman’s term Blood cancer (sad music fills the air). I know this great person from almost a year. It was a complete filmi meeting. We both hated each other; no we did not “fall in love”. We realized we could find other people to torture!!..

When he first broke the news to me, I was lost for words, like a quintessential bollywood film Heroine, tears fell from my eyes in slow motion, not exaggerating!! And just like  a leaf out of a hindi film came his dialogue, Pickles (that’s what he calls me), tumhe meri kasam , do not cry.(well he said it in a better way). Well , duh , how am I not to cry or atleast feel a sense of loss, when one of my good friend, is about to pack up for a different world altogether!!. I used to cheer him up(or so I thought), by telling him that there is a huge waiting list in Heaven, but seems like he had confirmed tickets!!

Since we both liked the book Life after Death by Deepak chopra, he often used to cite the book, quoting that he is merely going to go to the astral phase, or afterlife (please read the book ,for queries on the same).Having worked with a Cancer care Ngo, I had the privilege of meeting people who had family members who were or had been affected by Cancer. In the course of my work, I met Sarita , a very beautiful woman, who really changed my perspective towards life and death, and like a child very excited of having learned something, I went and discussed the same with Bumpy.(at this stage , I was unaware of him suffering from cancer).

Sarita’s mother died of cancer some years back, and at that time her mother ensured that there wont be any sort of mourning at her place (short version). Bumpy adopted that as his means of bidding adieu , and going to another world. He made me promise that I would not shed a tear (phew, dramatic , I know).

But well the woman in me, lol… does feel a bit upset right.!!!!... so Well Bumpy says that he is not going to stay in touch with any of his friends, and is going to travel around the world, and will die in Nature’s lap!! Wow awesome way to leave your imprints.

Well I do appreciate your valiant efforts in embracing Death and not making a hue and cry about it. But honestly, even the scriptures(somewhere in the bible)they do say daughters weep n etc. So restrict yourself from restricting us over Emotional Atyachar !!!!!. So Bumpy, you can die whenever you have to, but il remember you always as someone who has made my day , no matter what, and yes I do cry over the fact that  you wont be accessible anymore

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