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Monday, July 18, 2011

Without you ....

She stepped out, and the rain started to pour
She held herself close from the cold,
She headed towards the Rick stand
And then a thought crossed her mind…
She plugged on her favorite music
And decided to walk undeterred by the rain
Her arms wrapped itself around her body,
Her little shrug jacket dint provide her much solace from the rains
She opened her umbrella
And started walking,
The rain lashed at her
Her umbrella swayed against the wind, which threatened to blow it off
She held it more closely, drowning herself in the music
She felt his absence
the music added to it
As the cold wind enveloped her fragile frame
She thought about him
his very thought, sent a warmth across her
He was far, always will be
She knew that...
She however, lived that moment
A smile flickered on her face
It made her look beautiful
A tear made its way across her cheek
But dint live long as it was wiped of by the rains
She was drenched in the rain
Not as much as her mind was drenched in his thoughts
A car made way splashing water on her
Erasing her very thoughts
It was as simple as it came
The thought vanished, the pain remained etched
Unnoticed by everyone around
As she continued smiling


  1. beautifully penned... and so lyrical!! nice... :)


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