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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dost aur unka Dostana....

I have been fortunate enough to have around me the company of some of the most “awesome “people!!! …. Well, as I have been thought I call them “friends”… but they are no less than “Angels” and at times “devils” … who make my life seem even more better and colorful.I have come across many quotes, sayings, sms’s, phrases, proverbs on the relation called Friendship….. all of it convey the same fact that has been told over and over again – about the unconditional love that binds two people(or more)  in a bond that is purely non-materialistic(I told you, I’m very fortunate).

It’s beautiful to unwind and see how each relation blossomed and grew stronger over years. At times the “how we met” seems confusing and not that important, but the fact “that we are still together” becomes more important.

I have, like I mentioned earlier have been blessed with the company of very genuine human beings, who I rather feel have been placed in  my sphere for my convenience than theirs… not to categorize, but each one of them hold a special place in my life, which cannot be replaced by someone else.

I used to find a bond as strong as that to be very confusing… How is it that most of them (am excusing the deep sleepers), are always available irrespective of the time I call??... irrespective of the nonsense I mumble, they still have the patience to listen to all of it and give in their suggestions... the topics have been as sensible as the “Ana hazare fast” (rofl), and as stupid as Baba Ramdev(no offence)…. And yeah, we do talk about politics (most of which I pretend I know), films (my domain, limited to Hindi films), Music (clueless), dance, art, culture, history… the list is endless… we can just sit over a cuppa coffee and decide how many kids we gonna have and who they would get married to as well (no pun intended)

Conversations may start from point A, twist around F gather speed at m….and then rush to something else…. Time just decides to go a wee bit faster when am around such awesome people!!(blah, like we care)… but yes, the best feeling is when, you are all upset, and your friend says… why don’t u call up Mr. X (the person you are dating, have a crush etc)… and in your mind you are like… hmmm…. Nah …id rather talk with you!! Hahaha … not that Mr.X wouldn’t understand. but its always great to find solace in certain relations more than the others… and am glad to have my friends who have known me since long, or some whom I have just met… the former has seen me grow, we have shared a lot more, but that doesn’t take anything away from the latter… its just as special as its meant to be…

I just hope, that tomorrow when I go ahead with life, my beautiful past coexists with my present and leads me to a better tomorrow ….

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