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Monday, September 17, 2012

Book Review - Love in crazy times

Love in Crazy Times
K V Gautam

About the Book

Love in Crazy Times is a gripping tale of search for love and freedom, braving heart-breaks, evil bosses and family pressure. The protagonist Amit is a daring middle class guy who chases both love and dream of starting his own business. He is faced with the hypocritical Indian society and the corrupt business class on his path. His victory is not easy and comes after a long trail of personal and professional setbacks. The story also shows how India, after the economic liberalization, is offering immense opportunities as well as challenges to young people. It’s also about the cultural gap between a small town and a metro, and how parents find it difficult to adjust in a fast changing nation. The story, narrated in the first person by Amit, is set in Delhi from the period of 2005 to 2011. The story follows life of Amit, a small town boy armed with optimism and confidence, who comes to Delhi in search of a job. The story also narrates personal and professional struggles of his friends Suraj and Shantanu, who came to Delhi from Lucknow and Kolkata respectively. It’s a racy and pacey story that has elements of romance, humour, emotions, drama and a bit of social message.

Book Details

ISBN-13: 9789350830949
     ISBN-10: 9350830949
Publisher: Diamond Books
     Published Date: 2012

Book Review

Once you read the blurb, you tend to easily relate with the Protagonist –Amit. He is someone whose experiences strike a chord.

The plot is good .Its similar to what is being churned out these days, but still the impressive cover, a la mills and boons feel, makes you want to give it a read. Honestly, i feel i understand the phrase 'not to judge a book by its cover'(literally) much better.The book did not really give me the effect that it promises in its blurb.

The language is grammatically incorrect in most of the pages, which really makes you not want to read further. Confusion with regard to the characters names by the author, make it more of something you do not want to read. For example Suraj’s girlfriend is referred to as Renu and Ritu.

His friend Shantanu, who gets married on the basis of astrology twice, doesnot really elicit any sympathy. I pity him, not in a way that my heart goes out to him!!

The book is slow paced, and as the story progresses, the protagonist seems like an intolerable loser, who falls in love with every girl he meets. This book did not work for me at all.

The Characters are loosely etched. The happy ending was  expected, but not justified. 

Rating : 1/10


  1. I would agree to that rating

  2. You give score 1 (out of 10), so I suppose I won't read this one. Thanks for saving my time and saving me from irritation :-)

    1. yes, its kinda a drag...anytime.. lol


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