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Friday, September 07, 2012

Fractured legend

Fractured Legend
Author : Kranthi Askani

About The author

Kranthi Askani is a novelist from Hyderabad, India. His fictional style integrates magical realism with gothic elements.

What do you do when you get a personally autographed book from the author?? Well I’m not sure about most of you, I was Happy, and was all set to read the book. Of course, you need not always feel the same state of emotion you were in initially. So here I started off, and with the very first line I went “ehh, errr whatt’ yea! So anyways, I read on further, and come across ‘I would squeal and scurries back like a touch-me-not….’ And here I was thinking that squealing and scurrying was attributed to a rat/mouse.

Further, ‘of the eleven others, I like Aardya the most. She is humble and has a straight Jaw. Everyone teased her, I never teased her’. Yes , i still kept reading!!

So here I realized that definitely the author’s fictional style of integrating magical realism and gothic elements was definitely not something I looked forward to reading.

I found it really hard to read the book owing to the writing style of the author, which I personally felt, would put Indian soaps to shame. You know how each dialogue is said in slow motion in serials?? I felt the writing to be such. Also, just because you use some bi words out of context doesn’t make the content worthwhile.

None of the characters were appealing; they only managed to make me want to yawn.

There is an obvious lag in the story line, for instance, Priyambada goes to talk to Annapurna about how she could earn money or rather get some job. Here Priyambada is distracted by a ‘Sieve’ (Yes a SIEVE for crying out loud), and we are told as to how she lost a sieve herself. So I’m sure you get the point, right?

The book is divided into three parts – Slave, Manuscript, and A very long letter. In each pat , we have thre different female protagonists - Priyambada, Nandhini and Pravalli . Somehow, none of them were interesting

I personally did not like the Book. For me it was definitely Fractured.

My review:  1/10.

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  1. Heya doll
    Thx for the comment on my blog. :D
    God i hate such novels !
    And Ive noticed most Indian novels are a big fail.
    xoxo <3

    1. lol, that was more like drool than comment :P .... thi sone especially a bit too drab!!! :(

  2. Aww... .. well yes the book is a bit heavy...in the beginning I also felt it a draggy because generally books have a gripping beginning but once I got the hang of it I loved it.....

  3. Hahahahahahaa ONE? XD XD You literally ripped it apart XD

    1. trust me you might feel the same if you read it :(

    2. Its the literary equivalent of some Mahesh Bhatt movie :D hahhahaa 1/10 XD

    3. lol ... Ram gopal varma likely :P

  4. you have torn the novel the story to pieces...but i agree some novels make us do that...i kind off 've same opinion about CB's latest book

    1. @Karan : You know whe i raed the blurb, i was so excited to read it ... but when i started i actually could understand when they say'Dont judge a book by its blurb ...Cover' :D

      The only Cb book i kinda liked was Two states. The rest .. hmmm welll ....


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