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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ima "Kreative"

All right , so for the very first time, im here to rant. Im not sure how good i am at it, cause im better at spinning stories, than talking about my daily stuff. So here goes - First of all thank you -  Just another wake up call , for the award , and as per the rules. I had to say seven things about myself(gulp)and have to nominate 15 other bloggers. So, here are my nominations for those, whom I find Kreative Bloggers.

Before i do all that lemme give you  a gist about Just another wake up call (copy pasted from her profile) - She is an idealist at heart and dangerously sentimental. A mom of two,and  a part time business woman, a book - lover, a stand in decorator for her restaurants ,a movie buff, a social worker by training and a "change-maker". She loves traveling, reading and having conversations.

Here are Seven things about myself:

* I am very Impulsive and restless, and get bored easily (I can phase out in btw conversations at the drop of a hat)
*I Play the violin when am messed up in my head.(causing severe headaches to those around me)
* I am a complete Mush pot, but i prefer writing twisted stuff.
*I drink a LOT of water  - 3 litres is just to wet my throat.
*If i start reading,no matter how boring i finish reading the book in one go.
*Im technologically illiterate and prefer being so. I still find comfort in a 1995 model computer than an Ipad.
*I have the memory the size of a Peanut, but drop me in any part of the world and i can always find my way back.

Now basically i have to nominate 15 Bloggers, but here are my Favourite bloggers :(The limittaions are mainly due to my Limited knowledge about bloggers, cz i know there are many who are simply FABULOUS)

* Sri or more commonly known as Phatichar. This man can literally spook you out of your wits, and spins stories like  a spider. The best part about him is that he makes the most normal places - elevators, malls, restaurants, pg .. spooky and that says a lot about him.

* Saru singhal - now do i have to really say anything more?? She is a "Goddess of Poems". I have already run out of adjectives to describe her posts. be it love, friendship, relations, death - she sure can get your heart racing.

*Zack and Visha - She still makes me want to believe in the existence of Fairy tales. Her flair for writing is obvious , as she has everyone hooked onto every single post of hers. Be it her relation wih zack, or her daily life, cooking disasters and then emerging victorious et al, is simply Superb.

*What do you do when every single post of hers makes you go .. Hawww, so freaking true!!.. you end up waiting for more of her posts. She is an absolute genius with words and can really WRITE. Yes, its Crystal all the way

*Her blog reads "Rants on my life, up for Grabs" .. and there she has aleady made us want more, im talking about Kappu. Though we havent really connected as such, i do read most of her BAT entries, and she always ends up being on my top 5 FAV list.

*So when someone is actually asking you Pagal Hain Kyan,you would really want to know why, and read  on wont you??, so here is  one mad Person , who is absonfreakinglutely awesome at Rants .

*And last but not the least , she has tainted fingers and is sure as hell KREATiVE 


  1. Congratulations, T... and thank you. Honored. :)

  2. Well congrats on the award :) I think you might be drinking a bit too much water though.

  3. I am horribly, grossly impulsive too. Its a bad bad habit.>_<
    And ditto on the book reading part. What're you reading these days?

    Andd, thank you. This made me slightly happier than before :*

    1. Join the club, thats one thing i havent been able to change :( .... I just finished reading Rogue - Mark Sullivan.. would stat off with Lethal - Sandra Brown :)

      YOu deserve it alll the wayyyyy :)

  4. first of all congrats to you .. and good i came over I am new and now I know at least 7 things about you that everyone else also knows ..

    and congrats to all the winners too ..


  5. Congratulations...:)

    I am like you, even I drink a lot of water and I always finish a book. The only book I haven't finished till date is 'Holy Cow.' Though I read it 70-75%. Please don't ever read that book.

    You play violin, amazing, upload some of the recordings. We would love to hear it.

    Thanks a lot on those beautiful words and the nomination. It's an honor and is truly encouraging.:)

    1. aaahhhh im never gona read that one then :P .. but trust me i may end up finishing that if i start off ... compulsive disorder i guess :P ...

      Yes i do, aaaah i never gave a tot to recording, but il surely do one of them for you...:P...

      Saru, you simply deserve it!!!

  6. * I am a complete Mush pot, but i prefer writing twisted stuff.

    P/s This came as a shock :) knowing you only thru blogs!

    Thanks again!

  7. where did my previous comment go?? :| the one before THIS^

    So, I repeat - You are totally creative O writer of "Eye H8 U" story! A lovely thriller spinner! - You deserve this award!!

    1. @kappu : no clue, 1 min it was there n then poof ! :(

      n btw thnkuuuu :) ....

  8. good to know few things about you.. :D you get bored easily huh

  9. @ Solitary Writer : Thanku .. ummmmm yea .. i do :P :D


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