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Monday, July 30, 2012

Opaque (Part I)

“He is soooo cuteeeeee and really simple and very loving and caring… and...” she purred, unable to hide her disgust at her friend’s lack of interest...
“And he would want to get into your pants, and say, that this is not working” she stated without blinking.

Naiara and Miasha were friends from as long as they could remember. They had been soul sisters, and had been together for 24 years. Each knowing the other like the back of their hand.

“Mia, why are you being so neg about him?, you haven’t even met him, and moreover, it’s not like he is a despo as such ….. “

“Yea  nay-nay, absonfreakinlutely true, wasn’t this what you said about the last ummm , oh yea 9,no sorry 8 guys you were dating?” , she giggled finally, and threw a devilish smirk across at her friend, and ducked in time , as a pillow rocketed towards her.

“Nay”, she giggled , and went over and hugged her friend who was trying very hard to suppress a smile and maintain an angry face at the same time. “ Take your time love, I don’t want you to get hurt” she smiled and pulled away the strands that covered her face.

“Mia, haven’t you ever had the need to be with someone?”  Their expressions and response was such that anyone would know that it wasn’t a question that was asked for the first time. “Yea I have nay-nay, but the only problem is I don’t know how to let Johnny Depp know how I feel”. They burst into uncontrolled fits of laughter.

“So, tell me about him now “ Naiara broke into full details as Mia listened on.


“It seems like  a work of a professional, detective, so far we have found no evidence against the murderer, no footprints, nothing, not even a strand of hair, it all seems to have been cleared, or this man just fell dead out of the blue sky”

“hmmmm, I need all of his details, family background, work, mistress, debt, etc . clear?”

“yes Sir, we are on it already”


“How long do we have to wait till I get to see him, gosh I hate men who cant be punctual, its so annoying nay-nay” she folded her arms and looked towards the entrance of the coffee shop where they had planned on meeting Kenneth. Nay-nay had begged Mia to come along and meet him, and moreover, nay-nay was the one who liked him, she wasn’t sure about him, and he seemed to be more of the friendly types. She wanted to be sure and hence had asked Mia to come along.

“Why don’t you call him and figure out where he is”, she stifled a yawn, and hid herself behind the newspaper..

“Do they have Johnny Depp naked on the front page, what is it, that you are so obsessed with in the paper”

“An uncle has been brutally murdered, it has been a week, and the cops are as usual clueless about the killer and the motive, the person was found half naked, and is said to have been choked to death probably with …… “

“oh pleaseeeee stop reading, gosh I wonder how you tolerate all this ??? “

“aww, im sorry squeamy, my dad’s a cop , I get to hear all the gore and stuff, so kinda used to it, anyways, did you call him?”

“no he texted, saying he’d be here in 5 mins”

Mia knew she was being watched, she kept the paper aside and glanced ahead, meeting his eye, she hated him the moment she saw him. He smiled at her. She averted her gaze, and looked at her friend staring at the same guy, he was walking towards them, with that ‘annoying’ smile plastered on his face. Mia saw nay-nay, shifing in her seat, absently adjusting her hair. Damn, so this is mr.9.

“heyyyyy ken”, Nay rose from her seat and hugged him “meet my friend Miasha, and Mia, meet Kenneth, Ken”, she said smiling. They both shook hands, and he sat down opposite Mia. She felt a shiver run up her spine, with his gaze fixed on her. He wanted to know more about her, and kept probing her for answers .

“Nay, I need to rush, just remembered I had some work to finish off at berry’s , i’ll catch up with you over dinner ok” She hugged nay and bade them both good bye and was almost at the door when ken called out to her.

“Hey Mia”, he ran over to her, she turned and looked over at nay, “its Miasha, for you, not Mia”, He smirked and ran his hand through his hair, “so Mia, I was headed to the same place as you, and thought it would be great if … “

“no thanks I have my own vehicle …”

“brilliant, you could drop me then” . Nay walked upto them and encouraged Mia to go along with ken, stating that she had some work…

‘Miaaaaaaa I think he has the hots for you’ she texted hastily
‘I thought you had it for him nay’
‘eeeeeee like I did for the previous guys, no no not him , you know how I am, and btw, am going to meet justin’
‘yea Justin, the guy who sings in our choir, he is cute ‘
‘fine, whatever, but I hate this Kenneth guy, so whatever’
‘hehehehhe, that's what makes me feel you guys should be together’

Mia read the last text and threw her phone on the backseat of her car, and sighed.

“so Mia” ….

“I already told you its Miasha”

“Mmm yea, so Mia, why are you so stuck up, you need to relax”

“I don’t think I need a bozo like you to tell me what I should or shouldn’t be doing, where exactly do you want me drop you?”

“Right here”

She slammed the brakes and waited for him to get out

“Mia, maybe when you cool off a bit, I would like to meet you again, only if you want to…it may seem strange to you, but I  like you, I don’t have reasons for the same, but I do. This is my number; i'll wait for your call”

He got off and walked over to the pavement and hailed a cab and took off.

to be continued ..... 


  1. Interesting. Liked the internal lingo used for the characters.

    1. @GBTP : Thankyou dear . You have always been observant :)


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