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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The tiny Raindrop……

The most strange and different Love story that I came across, Strange in sense of the people involved, and different, because I choose to call it so(lol)
 Maybe you can have a Love story of your own after this one.... or totally despise me :(

Yesterday as she stepped outside, she felt a drop of rain fall on her nose!!... She looked up and saw many others fighting to reach her as well. She knew this feeling; she had felt it earlier as well. How often has a gust of wind touched your face and left...and then you had a second gust of wind which was more aggressive and angry??

Did the tiny rain drop have to compete with the rest to reach her before they did, or did this tiny rain drop just fall on her? Well the latter seems more practical and obvious, but I would go with the former, cause that’s where the story all began…..

All the Raindrops did surely have a discussion about who would reach her first. The other may have laughed at the tiny raindrop and said  you should not even bother trying, we are much stronger and faster than you, and will reach her before you do.

At that moment the tiny drop looked down and saw her looking up towards the sky and smiling, he knew for that very moment that it was he who had to reach her first before the others did. He did not know how but he knew that he would. He knew he would reach her, see her smile before someone else does, no matter how tough it would be.

And then they all left, the tiny rain drop was left behind, he tried with all his might , but he couldn’t go any faster than the rest, but he still knew he would be “the one”. A gust of wind came along and blew away the other drops before him, making way for him, giving him an opportunity to achieve what he wanted. He was happy, as he did not have anyone in front of him, but no sooner did he look behind than he realized that he still had a long way to go. Right behind him he saw an army of rain drops coming right at him, to reach her before he does.

He mustered all the courage he had, all his strength, and darted straight at her, he knew he had to get there before anyone else did, and then he saw her looking at him , that smile, ever radiant and beautiful, waiting for him…. He fell on her (plook).….Saw her smile and then he faded away with a memory so beautiful that lasted him a lifetime, and gave her a moment so special, one which bought a smile to her lips. A moment which separated her life from the usual, all because of a raindrop.

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